by Wayne Hinson

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Love Came Calling To A Misfit At A Well (2 of 5)
Series: Love Came Calling
Wayne Hinson
John 4

I. She Burned Out On Human Sensuality
A) Her Undisciplined Passion
B) Her Unlimited Partners
C) Her Unforgiven Past
D) Her Unmistakable Position
II. She Burned Within For A Heavenly Savior
A) Love Calculated Her Self Confession
1. The Self Confession Of Her Desires
2. The Self Confession Of Her Deeds
B) Love Challenged Her Sins
C) Love Conquered Her Soul
1. The Gift Of Love
2. The Giver Of Love
3. The Growing Of Love
D) Love Controlled Her Service

This is the story of how love came calling to a Samaritan woman, who was a misfit and a social outcast. This woman is a prime example of a hurting heart that needs the healing that can only be drawn from the love of Christ. She also exemplifies our present day situation in society, where there are scores of hurting hearts that crave for love to come calling on them. Whether they are a sinner needing the salvation of the Lord, or whether they are a saint who has suffered rough and harsh treatment at the hands of modern day church Pharisees, there are masses of these misfits all around us. This woman would not have benefited from so called damage control, but her life was changed forever by divine conversion. The symptoms that we will discover that she displayed, are not unique to her situation only, because we find the exact same scenario being played out in our present day society. This is the story of the "outcast operations" ministry of Jesus Christ. What our Lord displayed in His initial contact with this social misfit, was His love for sinners. This love opened the door of this woman's heart, and eventually broke down all barriers of resistance. Our world today, stands in desperate need of that same love to come calling. Our Lord Jesus was evidently tired and thirsty physically on that day, but His love for sinners could never be any stronger.

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