by Wayne Hinson

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Love Came Calling To A Martyr At A Stoning (3 of 5)
Series: Love Came Calling
Wayne Hinson
Acts 6, 7


I. The Setting Which Was So Combative
A) The Truth They Refused
1. Truth Pierced Their Protective Shield
2. Truth Penetrated Their Pious Souls
B) The Total Blindness They Received
C) The Terrible Bitterness They Relinquished
1. Accusations That Were Hurled
2. Adversity That Was Heightened
II. The Saint Whose Life Had Character
A) Stephen Was A Chosen Person
1. Chosen By The People
2. Chosen To Have Power
B) Stephen Was A Courageous Participant
C) Stephen Was A Committed Preacher
III. The Stoning Which Caused Love To Come Calling
A) The Shining In His Face
B) The Strength Of His Faith
C) The Standing Of His Friend

Few men, whether they be prophets of the Old Testament, preachers of the New Testament, or preachers of this day, have ever stepped on the turf of godly service, as did Stephen. Whatever the divine measurement that is used to determine Stephen's very short span of service, the results will always be maxed out on the scale. He may have been short on the longevity , but was a giant when measured by the love scale. The Bible never records that he saw even one convert as a result of his victorious service for the Lord. He founded no churches, but his story has been preached about thousands of times, and in thousands of churches. The level of his life was sown in a manner that very few can ever comprehend, much less duplicate. As great and valiant was his life, the events surrounding his death are even more tremendous. Love came calling to Stephen in a most unique way, and at a most unique time. The style of his service, the manner of his life, and the testimony of his death should be the standard for all servants of the Lord. There is a phrase that has been used many times in reference to our troops, that fits in this situation perfectly, "all gave some, and some gave all". Surely, no sold ...

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