by Wayne Hinson

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Love Came Calling at the Mourning of Lazarus (4 of 5)
Series: Love Came Calling
Wayne Hinson
John 11: 1-44


I. Love Always Cares

A) Statements That Establish His Care
B) Scripture That Expresses His Care
C) Situations That Exalted His Care

II. Love Aggressively Comes

A) Love's Timing Is Perfect
B) Love's Teaching Is Priceless

1. It Was An Individual Calling
2. It Was An Indicative Calling

C) Love's Task Was Profound

1. A Situation Of Deadness
2. A Scene Of Decaying
3. A State Of Doom

III. Love Altogether Conquers

A) Notice The Remorse That Was Personal
B) Notice The Reason That Was Presented
C) Notice The Resurrection That Was Powerful

The New Testament is ever ready to present us with episode after episode of how love came calling to different individuals. None of the evident barriers that we see today, had any effect upon the love of God. Love that comes calling, transcends all barriers of social, moral, financial and religious designations. God's love has the power and ability to see through and leap over any man made hurdles. That same love of God also can bind the power of any Satanic obstructions. Out of all the examples and pictures of how love came calling, this scene at the death of Lazarus presents us with one of the greatest portraits of God's love in action. As it was with the woman at the well, and with Stephen at his death, the Lord of love personally showed up in great power and demonstration. We saw the Lord's salvation displayed in the love that came calling at the well, and we saw the Lord standing as love came calling to Stephen at the stoning, but now we will see the Lord's sympathy as He arrives four days after the death of Lazarus. Once our Lord was on the scene, love was manifested in the form of the miracle of resurrection. Nothing will remain dead when Jesus shows up. Funerals turn into celebrations at the command of the Lord Jesus. The scene that we will examine, will reveal to us the div ...

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