by Wayne Hinson

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Love Came Calling To A Malignancy On The Roadside (5 of 5)
Series: Love Came Calling
Wayne Hinson
Luke 17: 12-19


I. Death That Was Knocking On Their Door
A) Death Of The Flesh
B) Death Of Faithlessness
C) Death Of Forever
II. Deliverance That Was Kindled Toward Their Doom
A) Love Came Calling With Compassion
1. Need
2. Nature
B) Love Came Calling With Connection
1. What He Saw In Them
2. What He Said To Them
C) Love Came Calling With Completion
III. Desire That Was The Key To Their Destiny
A) None Remained Untouched
B) Nine Remained Unchanged
C) One Remained Unforgettable

Our text contains one of the most descriptive accounts of ungratefulness that is recorded anywhere in the Word of God. These verses are highly relevant to our present day society, but especially to the 2011 church. This account of ten lepers, who sought and received the healing of their terminal disease, sheds tremendous light upon the sad fact that all received the exact same healing, but only one was grateful enough to return to the benefactor of that healing. It would not be a stretch of the truth to declare that we are now living in the most ungrateful period in the history of this world. Many times I have prayed with people, who were facing serious surgery or health issues. I have heard many of them say that if God would help them in their immediate crisis, that they would promise to serve Him. Those promises, even though God did move on their situation, probably never left the hospital room where they were staying. We also find in this story, that divine line that is being drawn between those who come close to salvation, and those who are actually recipients of God's amazing grace. We also find a developing ratio in this text, in the line that is being drawn between the one that came back and was saved, and the nine that kept going. Any way we want to slice the facts mathematically, it will still be that only 10 percent cam ...

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