by Ernest Easley

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God's Salvation Chain (2 of 2)
Series: Romans 8W
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Romans 8:29-30
August 7, 2011

Every link found in God's Salvation chain says to us, "I love you." These are links of love! And it's those links of love that I want to talk to you about tonight. And of course those links of love are found in my favorite book of the Bible .. in my favorite chapter and yes … in my favorite verse: Romans 8.30.
Now you say, "Pastor, is Romans 8.30 really your favorite verse in the Bible?" It is tonight! In fact .. it's tonight's life verse for me because it is the verse that we're studying! You may have only one or two life-verses or favorite verses … but for me .. my favorite verse or life verse is the one that I'm currently readying and studying.
I'm just saying that when it comes to my life- verse: I love them all and I need them all! And what I need tonight from God's word is found here in Romans 8.30.
Now we saw last time together the first two links of love in God's Salvation Chain in verse 29 where we hear Paul say, "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren."
(1) Link # 1: FOREKNOWLEDGE.
God knows everything that HAS happened. He knows everything that IS happening. And He knows everything that WILL happen.
(2) Link # 2: PREDESINATION.
And predestination has EVERYTHING to do with the saved among us and has NOTHING to do with the lost among us. All Mighty God not only Foreknew me, He predestined me! Predestined me to be like Jesus!
It's like the story of the sculptor who had carved a gigantic elephant out of a rock. When somebody asked him how he did it, he said, "Oh, it was easy. I just started with this big block of granite and chiseled away everything that didn't look like an elephant."
That is exactly what God is doing in your life. He is taking things that happen to you and using them to knock away everything from your life that ...

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