by Ernest Easley

Raising Young Champions for God
Ernest L. Easley
Deuteronomy 6:4-9

You can raise a young champion for God! That's what this weekend is all about: learning more about raising young champions for God. And Dads … it starts with us!

A father of five came home with a new toy and called his children to meet him in the family room. Once they arrived he asked them which one of them should be given the toy.

Here's what he asked them: ''Who is the most obedient and never talks back to Mother and does everything Mother says to do?'' There was silence, then they all said together, ''You play with it, Daddy,'' and they all walked out.

Sometimes it gets confusing when we give our children advice and then set a bad example. One little kid wrecked his tricycle and came running in to his Father and said, ''Daddy, I've wrecked my tricycle. What's the word you say when you hit the golf ball bad?''

It's not easy raising young champions for God … is it? Well … I know along with our Fathers here tonight are some students and children. And I want to talk to all three groups tonight: first, to the Fathers and then the students and children.

There are some things every Father needs to know when it comes to raising young champions for God and there are some things every student and child needs to know if you are to become a young champion for God.

In fact it takes a team effort. It takes an equipped Father and a corporative child. Dads … your children need to KNOW that you're trying to raise them to become young champions for God. That's one reason we've encouraged them to be here tonight.

Now if you have a Bible with you turn with me to Deuteronomy 6. That's where we're going to begin as we think together about Raising Young Champions for God.

God is preparing the children of Israel for entering the land of Canaan. God knew that the families would be exposed to all kind of godlessness and paganism. So God gives the parents a word of instruction to help them ra ...

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