by John Barnett

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Admiring the Perfect Sacrifice of Jesus (18 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

Are you admiring the perfect sacrifice of Jesus? Has the depth of His love and sacrifice filled your soul so full it is overflowing?

There is a place of eternal calm, unleashing tranquility, perfect peace, endless day... That place is the center of the universe, the throne of God... To that location John transports us from Patmos' salt mines to heavens highest point..

In 1989 a hurricane swept through New England, for hour after hour the winds increased until trees were snapping. Then it happened, the calm at the eye of the storm. A perfect pool of quiet between the storms.

Rev. 4-5 are a calm between two storms, the perfect peace which always exists in God"s presence
Rev. 1-3 show the struggling saints,Rev. 6-20 shows the end of earth,To admire the sacrifice of Jesus we need t remember what He did for us. PP Bliss well reminds us in his hymn, "Hallelujah What a Savior".

'Man of sorrows!' what a name
For the Son of God who came
Ruined sinners to reclaim!
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Bearing shame and scoffing rude,
In my place condemned He stood,
Seal'd my pardon with His blood;
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Guilty vile, and helpless we,
Spotless Lamb of God was He;
Full atonement! can it be?
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Lifted up was He to die,
'It is finished,' was His cry;
Now in heav'n exalted high,
Hallelujah, What a Savior!

When He comes, our glorious King,
All His ransomed home to bring,
Then anew this song we'll sing,
Hallelujah, what a Savior!

As we look into the book of Revelation remember we see that it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. All the Bible is now combined into one majestic picture of the Lamb of God. He who the prophets foretold, the priest portrayed, and John the Baptist pointed to who stood unknown in the midst of men - is now shown to be the center of the plan of God for this last segment ...

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