by John Barnett

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Is There a Pagan Origin (38 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

Well, in the words of Pastor Huff, I always love beginnings and endings. It's always good to see beginnings, new life in Christ. I love to marry people, I love to dedicate babies, and it"s such a joy. Endings are always wonderful too. Especially the home going of a dear saint. But it's always hard to finish a series that's been impactfull in my life and I trust in yours also. Tonight is our last installment, looking at basically what is my personal testimony and I think it's probably one of the most appropriate places in the world, next to living in Italy, to give such a testimony. We live in the most densely Roman Catholic State in the whole country. This is the highest percentile of Roman Catholic allegiance anywhere. Because of that, I think it's very appropriate for you to know why the Bible teaches that I could never be a Roman Catholic and you, biblically, should never be a Roman Catholic person.

I'd like to start in our study tonight and then review where we've been by going to 2Cor, chapter 11. We're going to do something a little different tonight, I'm going to ask a few of the folks that can read loudly and well for all of you to hear to just read a few verses because one of our Army officers gave me this article out of the U.S. News and World Report that's March 29th. I always think that's interesting; its tomorrow's and he gave it to me a week ago. That's an amazing phenomenon that they can publish stuff into the future. It's called, "The Weeping Madonna," and I read this through a few times just to share with you something that's very current, as current as tomorrow, about where people are in relation to this whole concept of Romanism and the worship that's portrayed there. But look at 2 Cor 11 and I'm going to show you verse 3, 4, 13, and 14. This is the apostle Paul and he's talking to people he loved deeply. He's really baring his heart ...

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