by John Barnett

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Discover the Holiness of Jesus (48 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

Perhaps no scene in the entire Bible grips our minds and stirs our souls as the last verses of Revelation 20. To think that in one moment all the angels and all the humans who have ever lived on this planet (perhaps as many as 45 billion souls) will be assembled[1]. In utter silence the scene opens. In the glow of God's glory surrounding His throne stand the redeemed of all the ages. Behind them in countless ranks are all the angelic hosts. Hovering about God's presence are the four angelic creatures, before the Throne stand, then kneel, the 24 elders.

But then is the amazing reality, all the dead small and great assembled. All are there, none missing. The last, the greatest and the final roll call. And no one misses this day in court.

All the Ivan the Butchers of this world are present. Those evil emissaries of Satan that gassed women and children hide no more in disguise to escape penalty - they each stand exposed.
All the Ghenghis Khan's of this world who flayed his enemies alive and has no armies to protect his terrors - stand alone.
The Scythians, the murderous horsemen who killed their foes and used the skull as a cup to drink blood - stand silent.
The ashes of countless cremated warlords and wealthy executives cast to the winds and seas, hopeful of escaping God are now reassembled into bodies, souls imprisoned in Hades now regain habitation in the bodies in which they sinned and turned from God.
Yes, all God haters from Voltaire to Hitler now face the One they despised.
The God resistors, who faced God and said no, are now assembled, from Pharaoh to the priests of Molech, and they are quaking in dread.
They are all present…inescapable in this their final hour.
Before this silent multitude, speechless in the sight of the God they never wanted to know, nor ever wanted to meet, is the eerie flicker of the cauldron of God's holy wrath.

It is a Lak ...

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