by John Barnett

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Touched Hearts (57 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

A few months ago a long lost wax cylinder was discovered with the first recorded words of a human, T.A. Edison from the 1880's. Then last year an unknown letter with some words of Lincoln were found. A couple of years ago a room was accidently exposed with the wall writings of Michaelangelo previously unknown....BUT this morning we are going to open to a letter from God the Son, written for us as never before to touch our hearts. Will you let it.

I. An Assembly 2:1a with CHRIST SHINING IN the Midst: The Church at EPHESUS:
A. The City was FAMOUS because of its size, wealth and position in the Empire.
B. The Culture was WICKED. WELCOME TO SIN CITY. The magnificent palace to gross immorality - temple of Diana.
C. The Saints were Holy:
1. STRONG IMMORALITY: Do you see why Paul had said to them 40 years earlier --
2. STRONG EVIL INFLUENCE: Thus, criminals came from far and wide to find a haven. And, their presence only permeated the city with evil.
3. STRONG MATERIALISM: Because of the nearly universal worship of Diana, no one would dare to rob her, thus behind the altar was a world bank, for the safe keeping of currency and treasures.
4. STRONG SATANISM: As Acts 19 records, there were many who used and followed Occultic books and there witchcraft powers of Satan.
5. STRONG FALSE WORSHIP: The whole worship of Diana, the silver 'letters' as the images made and sold there were called, led to very alluring, sordid and ecstatic worship.
A. This is the picture of the Church throughout the Ages. We can trace SEVEN SUCCESSIVE STAGES IN CHURCH HISTORY. For just a moment, let me give you a perspective- there are seven letters in Revelation 2 - 3 that give us the church in prophetic perspective - the church from Christians ascension until He comes to take His church - from century one to the rapture.
B. The seven Churches ...

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