by Duane Bemis

Confronting the Idol of 'Self'
Duane L. Bemis

I entered McDonald's, and there I found the idol of 'self' standing so proud on the altar of my heart. He just whispers into my ear, "FEED ME! SUPER-SIZE IT! FEED ME A LARGE MILKSAHKE, LARGE FRENCH FRIES, AND A BIG MAC!"
I remember all the cute cartoons where you have the devil in one ear and an angel in the other. But for me, I don't have to worry about the devil as much as I do this idol of 'self'. He is my worst enemy, and he is always trying to have me feed him his passions and his desires. 'Self' wants center stage on the throne of my heart. I want Jesus established on the throne within my heart, but I find this idol of 'self' always sneaking around and climbing to take the hill and stand there as king!
But the time has come to violently cast the idol of 'self' down and crucify him over and over again until only Jesus is found center stage upon the throne in your heart, and only Jesus is truly worshipped. Come with me on this funny, but real story of the conflict inside every Christian.

"Let us lift up the name of Jesus higher and higher. Come with me and let us go to the house of God and sing new songs of praise." Dr. D. L. Bemis

"Wrapped in Christianity"

I was so happy the 4th of July 1981 had just passed and it was the morning of the 5th, and something had happened deep inside my heart. Late on the 4th I had surrendered to Jesus and this bright light came into my heart and changed me from the inside out. I did not know what had happened, but I did know it was God. I knew it was God because of this great peace that filled every fiber inside of me.
Three days later this Jesus whispered in my heart to rid my life of the pornography magazines. I knew this quiet voice must be God, and that He was leading me in good ways. But I heard 'SELF' as he climbed up on the altar in my heart and so proudly said, "YEA, YOU SHOULD GET RID OF YOUR PRONO. BUT, SELL IT IN A GARAGE SALE. YOU CAN MAKE SOME ...

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