by Duane Bemis

Know Your Accuser
Duane L. Bemis

As a Chaplain over four prisons and 22 different religions I have found interesting trends from studying these false religions. Religious and denominational issues that concern me and I know will interest you. I want us to open our Bibles and search God's Word for answers to which religion is the right one. I also want us to search for truth and the deep things of God.
I have Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Messianic, Jehovah Witness, Santeria, WICCA, Satanism, Buddhist, African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, Hebrew Israelites, Rastafarian, Mormon, House of Yahweh, and more. So where is the truth to be found? I believe that from this single scripture; write by the Apostle Paul, it is here that we can find the answer. That scripture is this:

And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light1. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

The enemy of all mankind is still active and busy deceiving men and women of God. If he cannot deceive you through drugs or alcohol he will use one of his other tricks. Satan has three main goals to accomplish is every one's life.
Because I know these things it has helped me lead them to the Lord. For over two years I served the Muslim leader. This leader continued to come and talk to me. One day he told me, "You know we believe in Jesus too." I followed this with a Bible and I challenged him to read what Jesus said. For two years he has been reading. For two years he started coming to my services. Then one day he came to my office. I challenged him again to make up his mind he could no longer waiver between two opinions. He said, "Today is the day." I stood and was ready to walk him to the door. I did not hear the words he said. I stopped and sat down, we began to pray and with tears, snot, and a sincere heart he turned to God.
Satan wants to steal anything he can from you and me. He wants your health, money, relationships, and mainly your soul. He wants you living in fear, ...

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