by Stan Coffey

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The God Of Creation (1 of 13)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know
Stan Coffey
Genesis 1:1

I. The God Of Creation
A. A God Who Is Presented
B. A God Who Is Powerful
1. Cosmological Argument
2. Teleological Argument
3. Anthropological Argument
C. A God Who Is Purposeful
1. Made The Universe For His Pleasure
2. Made The Universe For His Praise
3. Made The Universe For His People
D. A God Who Is Personal
1. Refutes Atheism
2. Refutes Polytheism
3. Refutes Pantheism
4. Refutes Materialism
E. A God Who Can Be Known
1. Known Through Natural Revelation
2. Known Through Biblical Revelation
3. Known Through Intuitive Revelation
II. The Meaning Of His Revelation
A. People Have A Moral Responsibility Toward God
B. God Has An Obligation Toward Us

It is great to see everyone tonight. This is a good crowd for our renewed Sunday night service, and I believe it is going to be a blessing to us and a help to us, especially as we begin a new study about the fondational truths of our faith and study what we believe and why we believe it. I want to welcome the youth and the college students back into the service tonight.

I appreciate them. They have their own service during this time, but they have come in to join us, and it is great to have you. You know, it is hard to preach to just all older people, so… But, I have to have some youth in here. Amen? We welcome them back.

I guess I can talk about the older people 'cause I are one of 'em, but it is great to have you as well. There will be some Sunday nights when the Awana's will be joining about this time in the service, and we are going to have a great time.

We are going to have some nights when our choir will be singing for us, and it is just going to be a super time as we come back together on Sunday night to really get into the Word.
Tonight, I want to start at the beginning, so turn to Genesis 1. That is where it all begins. I want to speak tonight about nature of God and t ...

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