by Stan Coffey

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Who Is Jesus? (5 of 13)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know
Stan Coffey
Matthew 22:41

I. Who Is Jesus?
A. The Eternal Son Of God
1. Existed Before Abraham
2. Lived Before He Was Born
3. Co-Equal With God
II. How Did Jesus Get Here?
A. Special Birth
1. Born Of A Virgin Mother
2. God Was His Father
III. What Did Jesus Do?
A. Jesus Lived A Sinless Life
B. Jesus Died On The Cross For Our Sins
C. Jesus Rose From The Dead
D. Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven
IV. What Is Jesus Doing Today?
A. He Lives To Help Us Daily
B. He Lives To Help Us With Our Prayers
C. He Lives Inside Of Us Through The Holy Spirit
D. He Lives To Return To Earth And Take Us To Heaven One Day
E. He Lives To Reign Forever As King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords

We have been in a series about what the Bible teaches about foundational truths. We have been studying the foundations of our faith, those great doctrines, and those great teachings that all of us need to know in the Christian life. If you have your Bible tonight, I want you to turn, first, to Matthew 22:41.

Tonight, our topic is: The Doctrine of Christ or Who is Jesus? You can be wrong on some things in the Bible and still go to heaven. You can have a difference of interpretation with someone about the Second Coming of Christ and you can have a different view about other matters in the Scripture, but you cannot be wrong on the doctrine of Jesus.

If you can't answer the question: who is Jesus?... If you can't answer it correctly and according to the Bible, then you can't go to heaven. You can't be a child of God. All of the cults, the false teachers, and all of those who are teaching false doctrine are wrong on this subject.

Let me just say that it doesn't matter what else they are right about. It doesn't matter what other things we can say about them that are good, because many in the cults, such as Mormanism, live good lives. They are good people.

There are many commendable things that th ...

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