by Stan Coffey

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The Seven Pillars Of Truth (10 of 13)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 4:1-6

Introduction: There Is Only One God
I. There Is One Body
II. There Is One Spirit
III. There Is One Hope
IV. There Is One Lord
V. There Is One Faith
VI. There Is One Baptism
VII. There Is One God

Sometime ago, before summer, we were talking about the great doctrines of faith and I want to pick up on that tonight and I ask you to turn to Ephesians Chapter 4. We are going to talk tonight about the seven pillars of truth.

Seven Pillars of Truth
These doctrines that are set forth by Paul, these seven teachings or seven truths that he sets forth, are essential to being a part of God's church. They are essential for fellowship. If one believes these seven things as I believe them, then he or she is my brother and sister in Christ. If they do not believe them, then I cannot have fellowship with them.

These seven things are a test of fellowship and are seven things that make a difference in our standing with God. Now he begins, the apostle Paul that is, begins in verse one and he said, "I, THEREFORE THE PRISONER OF THE LORD BESEECH YOU THAT YOU WALK WORTHY OF THE VOCATION TO WHICH YOU ARE CALLED."

The word beseech, of course, is a strong word, a plea or a treaty, where Paul is strongly emphasizing to them the importance of these words that he will share. He is strongly appealing to them that they walk worthy of the vocation to which they are called.

You may be a plumber or a pastor, but every believer has but one vocation. That vocation or purpose in life is to become what Jesus saved you to be to fulfill your potential in Christ, to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ through finding a place of productivity and service to the glory of Christ in his body, the church.

Then notice verse two, he tells us about the attitude in which we are to serve and live with all lowliness and meekness, with long suffering, ...

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