by Stan Coffey

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Sanctification: Salvation From The Power Of Sin (12 of 13)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know
Stan Coffey
1 Thessalonians 5:23

I. Sanctification and the power of sin
II. Sanctification and a progressive work of grace
III. Sanctification and its final stage

We have been talking about the great Christian doctrines over the Sunday nights that I have been able to be with you over about a year's span of time and tonight we want to talk about doctrine of sanctification and one of the things that concern me about Christianity today is that I am afraid that a lot of people who are in many ways babes in Christ because they do not know the great teachings of the faith and these are things that are very important to us and things that we ought to know. So we are going to talk about the doctrine of sanctification.

Now last Sunday night, I talked about the doctrine of justification. Justification has to do with being saved from the penalty of sin, to be declared not guilty; not only to be declared forgiven but to be declared not guilty and to be declared blameless in Jesus. What a wonderful teaching that is - the doctrine of justification.

Sanctification is the second of the three parallel doctrines that have to do with salvation. Sanctification has to do with salvation from the power of sin. You know when you are saved when you are justified, that only deals with the penalty of sin and you will not go to hell, but God does not want us just to be saved and be a babe in Christ forever. He surely does not want us to live a disobedient life that is not worthy of Him and not worthy of salvation and so that is where sanctification comes in.

As we are going to understand tonight, sanctification is a process of growth. It is not like justification. Justification takes place the instant Jesus comes into your life. You do not have to know what justification was. If you do not know the doctrine of justification, it does not mean y ...

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