by John Barnett

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Getting Serious About God in an Amused World (5 of 31)
Series: Grace-Energized Men
John Barnett
November 18, 2007

Are you reverent today? Reverence is feeling the "weight" of God in every part of our life and mind.

The word "glory" as in the Glory of God in the Old Testament is actually the word "heaviness". God is so great, and those who reverence Him feel the weight of His holiness and glory. God is looking for believers who will revere Him, reverence Him, and live a life that shows the glory or weightiness of God touching and affecting every part of their life.

As you open to Titus 2, we are in the midst of an intense study of what God wants in men. In v.2, God starts with the older (50+ year old men) and gives them six indicators of the spiritual maturity He wants and uses. These six choices are possible when we ask, and surrender to God's grace. That surrendered obedience is called a grace-energized life.

God asks men who want to serve Him to be reverent, serious enough about God to do what pleases Him and abstain from what does not please Him. As we see the Word of God is clear, the Lord has revealed His desires, there is no mystery about what he expects…

God has a Specific Desire For Every Believer Age 50+

There is no more vital Scripture for every man who knows Christ personally than this verse. God asks us to either respond to Him or realize that in going our own way and not His-we are wasting our life. Especially for every man 50 and over these verses put the rest of our lives into sharp focus.

Because God knows how strong the world, the flesh, and the devil can be-He offers his pathway to maximize the rapidly passing days of our lives. How can godly men keep from wasting the most precious years of life? By grabbing onto the grace-energized changes God wants to make inside of you, so that you will be the man He can use to maximize His Kingdom, purposes and plan for this world!

We are on the second of six qualities are to ...

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