by John Barnett

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Grace-Energized Men Cling to the Promises of God (9 of 31)
Series: Grace-Energized Men
John Barnett
January 6, 2008

Open with me to James 4:14. As we enter this first Sunday of the New Year, we should each pause and reflect upon the brevity of our life; and how God wants us to live each day. "…whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."

Two months ago I was doing that very thing as I stood with a group of Bible students at one of the most sobering spots in all of the Holy Land.

We had climbed up the artificial mountain built by Herod the Great as his tomb. That spot, called the Herodion, had hidden the exact burial place of Herod for 2,000 years-until May 7th, 2007; when an Israeli archaeologist's persistent thirty-five years of diggings finally found the spot.

King Herod, infamous for his murderous reaction to Christ's birth, had gained the whole world in his day. He was a trusted and rewarded friend of Augustus Caesar; and he was a world-wonder builder, still holding world records in architectural accomplishments. He was fabulously wealthy, held absolute power of life and death over his people-and did just about anything he wanted to do for his 69 years of life on earth.

But at his death, what did he take with him? Nothing.

Clinging to God's Promises

Death strips everything away from us except one thing-the promises of God to which we cling by faith. Nothing else stays with us. Our bodies are taken by death. All of our friends, family and possessions are left behind-and we hurtle out into eternity with nothing, except the promises of God.

I asked each of those Bible students standing on the dust and rubble of Herod's Tomb, "What promises of God are you holding onto today? What promises of God have you made your own by faith?" And, "Which ones would you cling to as you leave this life?"

You see as we get older, or when we g ...

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