by John Barnett

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Healthy Faith vs. Unhealthy Faith (17 of 31)
Series: Grace-Energized Men
John Barnett
Titus 2

Please open to Titus 2, where we find the marching orders for all men in Christ's church. This chapter lays out God's expectations for all men young and old, as well as we already have seen, for all women young and old.

We have come to the fourth quality of grace-energized men that the Spirit of God moves Paul to record in this letter to Titus. Paul tells him that men who are energized by His grace, are characterized by what God calls ''soundness in faith''. This sound faith or literally as the word hugaino means, ''healthy faith'' is a most precious commodity in a believers life.

Sound [1] is from the same word used in v.1 for Biblical doctrine, and refers to things that are healthy, proper, whole, and as they ought to be. So, grace-energized men have a faith that is healthy, proper, and whole; and a faith that is as God designed it to be.

Faith is Vital to God

God's Word talks much about faith. The word ''faith'' occurs in our Bible no less than 245 times (in the NKJV translation of God's Word)[2]. The Bible describes faith by many different words.

There is ''weak faith'' and ''little faith'' that should be avoided at all costs because it leads to unhealthy faith that is devastating as we'll see this morning.

Then there is ''healthy faith'' (Titus 2:2) that is described in God's Word as ''strong'' faith, ''bold'' faith, ''rich'' faith, ''abiding'' faith, ''steadfast'' faith, ''precious'' faith, ''common'' faith, ''unfeigned'' faith, ''working'' faith, ''obedient'' faith, and ''great faith''. Each of these 12 types of faith is commended by God and should be sought after and imitated.

And finally there is that one last dreadful strain of faith, God's Word often warns us about, called ''dead'' faith that should be carefully watched out for as we go through our life-long spiritual pilgrimage, waiting for our Savior's coming or calling for us.

Bi ...

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