by John Barnett

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Finishing Hopefully in A Despairing World (24 of 31)
Series: Grace-Energized Men
John Barnett
June 8, 2008

Paul set out God's plan of discipleship for Christ's church nearly 2,000 years ago.

We began to study that curriculum in Titus 2 about one year ago, and we are entering the final stretch. Before us lay the final elements or characteristics of what a useful, godly, servant of the Lord not only acts like-but also really is like on the inside.

First, we will trace through the pages of the Scriptures in Titus 2, the entire scope of this nurturing plan for growing strong believers. Like Peter said in his letters, our hearts will get stirred up by way of reminder. Then we will move on to the next element in our study which is, grace-energized men are characterized by persevering hope.

The church-wide discipleship curriculum, written by Paul, starts with the backbone of any church, the older men. These men were to be mature, godly, gifted men who are in step with the Spirit. As we open to Titus 2:1, note the profiles.

Godly Men of

The men of Crete, saved by grace, were to be personally trained by Titus in the six areas that God considered paramount for the survival of His Church. As we read through these descriptions of the highly useful men of Christ's church, ask yourself, "Is this the direction of my life?"

v.1 "But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine, v.2a that the older men be...":

1. "sober": This is a call for older, godly men to Maintain A Balanced Life In An Obsessive-Compulsive World;

2. "reverent": God also asks older men to Stay Serious About God In An Amused World;

3. "temperate": Then they are to be characterized by Living Wisely In A Foolish World;

4. "sound in faith": This means God wants them always Guarding A Healthy Mind In A Sick World;

5. " [sound in] love": Means that God also wants His servants to Stay Tender Hearted In A Cruel World;

6. "[soun ...

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