by John Barnett

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Focus on God (31 of 31)
Series: Grace-Energized Men
John Barnett
July 20, 2008

Jesus said that if our eye is single (Mat. 6:22), all of our lives will be filled with His light. Jesus went on to say that we can't have two masters, we must focus upon one (Mat. 6:24). James warns us of the dangers of being double minded (James 1:8), because it destabilizes every part of our lives.

This morning, Paul tells us through Titus (2:7), that God desires every man to keep a singular focus upon God and His way. A focused life is what each of us should desire to give to God today.

Focus light and you get a laser burst.
Focus water and you get some commercial cutting applications.
Focus atoms and you get some momentary atomic power.
Focus on money and you get a passing fortune like a Rockefellar, Morgan, or Buffet.
Focus on conquest and you get a short-lived Alexander or Hitler.

But-focus your life on Jesus Christ and you get an eternal reward, and endless delights.

We come to the fourth quality, "reverence" that God is looking for in younger men (Titus 2:7). The call goes out through Christ's Church-God wants grace-energized men who choose to keep a singular focus upon Him in a horribly blurring world.

Paul reintroduces us to the quality we have already seen for older men (it was also the second quality listed in v. 2). All men whether older or younger, are called to have a singular focus upon a godly, reverent lifestyle. This word "reverence" describes a man with a "seriousness about life, a dignified lifestyle, and a goal of pursuing whatever honors God". Reverence doesn't mean never laughing, showing humor, or enjoying life-rather it means checking in first with God, to be sure that the laughter, humor, and enjoyment are pleasing to Him. This grace-energized reverence leads to constant choices to avoid the trivial and pursue the eternal.

Tomorrow's Godly Men Start Today

Paul tells Titus that God put the spotlight on the next generation ...

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