by Ernest Easley

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How to Face Life's Problems Pt. I
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Romans 8:28-39
July 17, 2001

Do you have a life verse? I mean .. a Bible verse that you go to when circumstances are difficult and discouraging? You may call it your favorite bible verse.
I've had people ask me over the years what my favorite Bible verse was .. or my life verse. They've acted a little surprised when I've told them that I didn't have one … but that I have many favorite Bible verses and many life verses. Most of the time my favorite Bible verse or my Life verse is the last verse I've read.
So if you were to ask me what my favorite book in the Bible is I would have to tell you that it's the book of Romans. And if you were to ask me what my favorite chapter in Romans was .. I would have to tell you that it's chapter 8. And if you were to ask me what my favorite verse is in the book of Romans in the 8th chapter was … I would have to tell you that it is verse 28 and do you know why? It's because it's what I've read last this afternoon.
Now if you were to ask me next Sunday what my favorite book in the Bible was and my favorite chapter in that book and my favorite verse in that chapter was … I would most likely give you another answer.
Let me tell you why beginning in Romans 8.28 is my favorite chapter and verse tonight: because it helps us know how to face life's problems … how to face life's difficulties .. positively.
Everybody faces difficult circumstances. And don't think that somehow because you are a Christian that you get a pass when it comes to problems. You either have problems .. about to have problems .. or getting out of problems.
We read in Job 14.1, "man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble." I know a man who once told me that Job 14.1 was his life's verse. It may be YOUR life verse! Problems are either about to come .. have come or already come. And if they've just passed … get ready .. there's another bunch on their way.
There is no escapin ...

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