by Ernest Easley

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How to Position Yourself for Change (2 of 8)
Series: Life Changer .. Soul Saver
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Mark 2:1-12
May 8, 2011

Today we are continuing our series of messages from the book of Mark under the heading:
So take God's word and turn with me to Mark 2. So .. can you change when change matters the most? You say, "Ernest, if it was a matter of life or death, I could change. Or … if it was a matter of saving my marriage, I could change."
Oh is that so? Well .. in recent case studies that dealt with heart patients, criminals and corporations … when it comes to changing .. the odds are stacked against you! In fact .. case study after case study showed that only "one out of ten people can change, even in a crisis."
I'll give you an example. There was a case study of 37,000 patients who were prescribed medication to reduce cholesterol. Nearly everyone of them took the pills for the first month or two, but by the third month around half of them had stopped. Twelve months later, only one third of them were still taking their prescribed medication, which they were supposed to keep taking for the rest of their lives.
Now .. you're not talking about a major lifestyle change .. just taking a pill every day. And consider this: Americans spend more than $200 billion dollars a year on prescription drugs. It was determined that the reason so many stopped taking their medication was that the pills reminded them that they had a deadly disease, and they didn't want to be reminded.
It's not so much that people resist change .. they resist being changed. But I've got some wonderful news for you today: profound change is possible. YOU CAN CHANGE! It's time for you to set aside the excuse that PEOPLE cannot change or that YOU cannot change because you can change.
Let me give you three principles for change that we're going to see lived out today in Mark 2.
For real change to take place …
1. You need a new relati ...

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