by Ernest Easley

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Where to Head when Change is Needed (3 of 8)
Series: Life Changer .. Soul Saver
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Mark 5:21-24, 35-42
May 15, 2011

Today we are continuing our series of messages from the gospel of Mark under the heading:
So take God's Word and turn with me to Mark chapter 5 as we continue learning about the challenge of changing. Hey .. it's not easy to change .. is it? Whether it is changing your way of living or your way of thinking … change is hard .. but not impossible.
Learn this today: YOU CAN CHANGE! You really can! Now let me tell you what won't bring lasting change: FACTS won't bring lasting change. The doctor gives you the Facts: your blood pressure is too high .. your cholesterol is too high. You need to change your lifestyle now. Apparently, FACTS don't create lasting change because only one out of ten people will change, even in a crisis. So, it takes more than FACTS to bring change. What about FEAR? Does Fear bring about change?
The doctor says, "With your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, if you don't change, you're going to have a stroke, heart attack or die." And yet .. even in a crisis .. 90% of the patients won't change their lifestyles.
Well .. if it's not FACTS or FEAR ..perhaps it's FORCE. A wife says to her husband, "You either change, or I am leaving." All three of the big "F's" are in that one. Well .. case study after case study has taught us that none of the big 3 F's: FACTS .. FEAR and FORCE brings about lasting change. And yet .. those three are what most people depend upon to bring change to themselves or change for a loved one or friend leaving them frustrated and hopeless.
Well .. if those three are not change factors … what brings about lasting change? We've been learning that what's needed for change is FIRST, a new relationship that inspires and sustains hope. SECOND, from that new relationship comes a new way of thinking. And THIRD, from that new way of thinki ...

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