by Ernest Easley

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The Touch that Transforms (4 of 8)
Series: Life Changer … Soul Saver
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Mark 5:25-34
May 22, 2011

"Change or die." "Change or I'm leaving." "Change or _____." You fill in the blank! Can you change when change matters the most? What if it was a matter of life or death? Could you change then?
You say, "Pastor, people cannot change and that means that I cannot change." Well … we've been seeing the last few weeks from the Word of God that people CAN change and that people DO change which means You can change.
Now it takes more than FACTS for somebody to change. And it takes more than FEAR for most people to change. And don't think you can FORCE change: either in yourself or in someone else.
If you don't believe it .. consider criminals! Society tries to change someone from their life of crime and drugs with the threat of a long prison sentence. Once they are released .. parole officers keep a close eye on them. And yet, more than six out of ten convicts return to crime.
That's why when a wife says to her husband, "You either change or I'm leaving," and her husband says, "OK, I'll change. I can change. I'll be different, I promise" .. that within a short amount of time .. he's right back in the same rut doing the same things and soon finds himself in a divorce court. I've always told Julie that if she leaves that I'm going with her!
Julie reminded me the other day when we were at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center going through radiation treatments. Outside the radiation room is a bell in the waiting area that patients ring after their last treatment. When someone rings the bell .. everyone in the waiting area claps and celebrates with them.
One day as we were waiting for my next treatment, a man walked out of the radiation room and rang the bell. Well .. we all clapped and celebrated with him. As the celebration stopped, we heard him say to a friend, "I'm going out side to celebrate by having a cigarette."
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