Fred Lowery
Hebrews 11:7; 2 Peter 2:5; Genesis 6:9-10; Genesis 6:11-12; Genesis 6:14; Genesis 6:22; Genesis 7:1

We are gonna talk about a guy named Noah. Almost everybody knows that Noah built a boat but, and there is a lot of attention, the whole world wants to know about this ark. And of course you know they have been looking for it for years and years and years. In fact this group called Answers in Genesis and they are going to be here again this year and you don't want to miss that. They built this museum up in I think it's the edge of Kentucky, close to Ohio and that area. It's phenomenal. Leigh and I haven't been there, they invited me to come and speak and see it and we haven't done that yet. But they are building Noah's ark to scale and they believe that when they finish that there will be cameras from every country in the world that will be here to see that Noah's ark. So that's something that is really, really exciting.

Everybody knows that Noah built a boat but not everyone knows that Noah built a godly character and a godly home in the worst of times. I mean the worst of times. We think things are pretty bad now but nothing compared to what it was in Noah's day and his family was the only family on the planet that walked with God and obeyed God. Of all the people on earth at that time there was only one family that walked with God and obeyed God.

Noah was one of the greatest examples in all of God's word of faith, of patience, of perseverance and so we can learn from things from this guy Noah. Moses who wrote the first five books of the Bible, he gave four chapters to Noah. And it's amazing, you know I picked up eight or ten books on characters in the Old Testament, stories about men in the Old Testament and not one of them had a story about Noah and yet he takes up four chapters in the book of Genesis. And he's mentioned over in Peter and of course in Hebrews because of the heroes of the faith. He's listed as one of the heroes of the fa ...

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