by Roger Thomas

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Where Is God When Disaster Strikes? (7 of 11)
Series: Patriotic and Special Occasions
Roger Thomas
Romans 8:18-28

We have all witnessed the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Rose and I had a special interest in those events as we watched them unfold last Monday. We were there a month ago. On July 31 when our family vacation ended, we decided to take a detour home. We drove across southern Alabama and Mississippi so we could see New Orleans for the first time. We stayed in a hotel a couple blocks from the Super Dome. We walked a half-dozen blocks to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter to see the sights and eat in one of New Orleans legendary restaurants. We walked and drove on many of those streets that you've seen on television. Seeing all of this happen in a place where you have just been gives it added significance.

But our real interest came from something much more personal. Our oldest son is a local television reporter for WAGA-Fox 5 in Atlanta. This year and last, the station sent him to the Gulf Coast to cover each of the developing hurricanes. Last weekend he went to Pensacola and then west to Mobile toward the path of Katrina.

We spoke with him often via cell phone. At one point, on Sunday he told Rose, ''This is a monster.'' We have special arrangements to get his station through our satellite dish. Obviously we watched or recorded every Atlanta newscast so we would know how he was doing.

I know we've all seen more than our share of devastation and suffering on television this week. But I thought a few quick clips of Tony's reports might set the stage for what I want to talk about this morning.
{video clip}

?Katrina was a monster. Early Monday morning it came howling ashore with 145-mile an hour winds. A 25-foot wall of water blasted across the Gulf Coast destroying everything in sight for miles. It leveled buildings, threw ships on to dry land, toppled oil-drilling platforms, blew windows out of hospitals, hotels, and high-r ...

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