by Roger Thomas

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His Story of Grace: The Other Pearl Harbor (9 of 11)
Series: Patriotic and Special Occasions
Roger Thomas
1 Timothy 1:12-17
December 7, 2005

Our God is more than the Lord of church and chapel! He is the God of history.

The Lord has left his fingerprints all over the pages of history. He patiently writes the lessons of grace in the great events of nations as well as the smallest moments of a solitary life. History is His Story.

* * *
Every generation has some monumental moment that leaves its mark. Something happens that makes time stand still and forever changes everything. For my generation, that happened on November 22, 1963. A young President John F. Kennedy was felled by an assassin's bullet. I know where I was that day. I know what I was doing. I will never forget it.

Every generation has such moments. Most of this generation will never forget the events of 9-11. The pictures of the planes hitting the Twin Towers are imprinted on our memories. I stood in the lobby of this building and watched the second tower crumble on live television. Many of us can still see the lines of fire fighters marching to certain death to save others. We can still hear the voices of the heroic passengers of Flight 93 who brought down their plane before it could reach its intended target.

Every generation has such moments. Even in those moments, God is at work! Even in the most horrific moments of history, God is patiently writing his story of grace.

My father's generation had one of those moments. A few of the old timers around here remember it. Professor Walton tells me most students don't know in what century it happened much less the details of the story. Those of you who saw the Ben Affleck movie about it a few years ago know some of the story. I want to tell you His Story.

It happened on this date, sixty-four years ago. On the next day, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed a joint session of congress. He called December 7, 1941 ...

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