by Roger Thomas

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Free Indeed! (11 of 11)
Series: Patriotic and Special Occasions
Roger Thomas
John 8:31-36
July 2, 2006

Introduction: William Wallace knew freedom's value. If you saw the movie Braveheart, you will likely never forget the climactic ending. Bravehart told the story of William Wallace, the leader of the Scottish rebellion against the English in the 1400's. Mel Gibson directed and starred in the 1995 movie.

Wallace rallies a rag tag band of rebels who battle the larger and must better-armed English. Despite the odds, Wallace's men win battle after bloody battle against the English. Longshanks, the villainous English leader, grows more and more impatient with Wallace with each passing day. He is determined to kill the rebel leader and teach the Scots a lesson once and for all.

As the movie ends, Wallace is betrayed by a friend and captured by Longshank's men. He is hauled before a jeering English crowd in the courtyard of one of Longshank's castles. The crowd spits on him and shouts for his death. Soldiers drag him to the executioner's platform. They beat and torture him. If he begs for mercy, they say, they will make the death quick.

This is the day Longshanks has waited for. But it is not as he had hoped. The English leader lay on his death bed. In his room not a hundred yards from the chaotic scene below. He knows his hours are numbered. Yet Longshanks holds out for one thing. He wants to hear Wallace beg for mercy.

At first Wallace remains silent. He refuses to respond to his torturers. Finally, he tries to say something. He struggles. The beating has left him hoarse and hardly able to speak. A soldier motions the crowd silent so they can hear Wallace beg for his life. The camera zooms in on Wallace as he gasps for air. With great difficulty he lifts himself on one elbow. Everyone awaits his words. As the sounds leave his lips, the movie changes to slow motion. The camera angle widens until you can see both Longsh ...

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