by Roger Thomas

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A Magnified Christmas (1 of 3)
Series: Songs of the Season
Roger Thomas

Introduction: I hope you have a big Christmas this year. I mean really big! I said bigger not busier. Heaven knows none of us need a busier Christmas. Too many of us run ourselves ragged at this time of the year. The angels that sang of peace on earth, good will to men, had obviously never been to the mall Christmas shopping on a Saturday!

I don't mean bigger presents. I am sure a lot of our kids would vote for that. All of the stores would go for it. Many merchants make a big chunk of their year's profit on Christmas sales. The holiday promotions almost make us feel guilty if we don't bust our budgets so they can meet theirs. One store had a sign out front that read in big letters, "Make your Christmas last all year long. Charge everything!" That will work! Guaranteed!

I don't mean bigger Christmas trees. I've been there; done that! I have told you before about our Christmas tree adventures when our kids were little. Rose, two kids, the dog and me would start on what might have otherwise been a beautiful walk in the woods. After about thirty minutes, the whining would begin. "I'm tired! I'm cold! I'm thirsty! I have to go to the bathroom! Can we go back now?" The whining would get unbearable. Finally, Rose would stop, turn around say sternly, "Roger, would you be quiet! The kids are having fun!"

Finally we would find our perfect tree. I would chop. The kids would yell "timber." I would drag the tree to the car and lash it on top with duct tape and bungee cords. Once home, we paraded our tree in from the garage and through the kitchen. Rose would lead. I would drag our trophy as the kids proudly pushed. Table lamps toppled. Pictures fell as we blazed our path to the living room.

Finally, I would try to fit the tree into its stand only to discover that the five-inch trunk of a naturally growing tree was never meant for our three-inch tree stand ...

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