by Roger Thomas

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Do It Again, Lord! (1 of 3)
Series: Stewardship - Rich Where It Counts
Roger Thomas
Luke 12:13-32
November 14, 2004

So the story goes, the roof of the fellowship hall of a little English church was falling down. The church treasury didn't have the money to fix the roof. So the members of the church began to hold prayer meetings in the hall after their regular services to pray for funds to repair the roof. At the end of the weekly prayer service, a special offering was taken for the roof fund.

One fairly wealthy, but very tight, old man attended the services. He even joined the rest of the church for the prayer meetings. But he would always sit in the back and quietly sneak out before the collection plates were passed at the end of the meeting.

One Sunday, the old man was detained on his way to the prayer meeting. His regular seat was occupied. He had to sit near the front. As chance would have it, that very day a piece of the ceiling came loose right in the middle of the meeting. It hit the old man square on the head. He was startled to say the least. He took it as a sign from God. He jumped up and shouted, "Lord, I'll give $1000!"

A voice at the back of the church shouted back, "Hit him again, Lord! Hit him again!"

Today I am praying that the Lord will hit us again just like he did a year ago. One year ago today, we began an emphasis we called, "Taking God at His Word." You who were here at that time will remember it. For four weeks we emphasized the Christian grace of giving away our financial resources. That was nothing new. The church has frequently talked about financial stewardship. After all, we do take up an offering every Sunday. But we have seldom gone about it in as direct and straightforward a way as we did last year.

During the "Taking God at His Word" emphasis we did three things. First, we passed out free of charge to every household a copy of Dr. Kregg Hood's booklet "Taking God at His Word." We asked each ...

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