by Roger Thomas

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Living First Class (3 of 3)
Series: Stewardship - Rich Where It Counts
Roger Thomas
Luke 12:13-32
November 28, 2004

Introduction: I have never flown first class. For those of you who have never been on a commercial airliner, first class is that really expensive section at the front of the plane. I have walked through first class. That's as close as I have gotten. That shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me-for a couple of reasons.

First I don't really like to fly. Heights over three feet and me don't get along. If the Lord had wanted me above the treetops, he would have given me feathers. I have flown several times but I have never really enjoyed it. I am a dedicated white-knuckle flier. I believe that there is a relationship between the air-worthiness of the plane and how hard I grip the armrest.

But my kids would tell you I'm way too cheap to ever buy a first class ticket. They say I'm so tight I squeak. They claim they've actually seen cobwebs growing on my wallet.

But I have to admit-those first class seats look mighty tempting. When Rose and I visited the Holy Land five years ago, we flew to the Middle East on Royal Jordanian Airlines. It was not a pretty picture. The seats were crowded. It was hot and stuffy. We were on that plane for fifteen hours straight. But the worst part was where we were seated.

We were two rows back from first class. I could see it all. We scrunched into our tiny seats. They extended their recliners back. We drank warm coke. They were served champagne. We munched on mini-pretzels. They ate hors d'oeuvres. When we got our Saran wrapped sandwiches, they were served full-course meals with white linens and real silverware, followed by warm wash clothes with which to freshen up. About twelve hours into that flight, cobwebs or not, I would have given almost anything to fly first class.

That's the kind of world we live in. We fly through life crammed into coach while society parades all the lu ...

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