by Wayne Hinson

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Facts That Force Our Favoritism (4 of 5)
Series: Loving Right For The Righteous Lord
Wayne Hinson
James 2: 8-13

I. Doctrines Written By Deity
A) Royal In It's Source
B) Relative In It's Story
1. Relative To Well Doers
2. Relative To Willful Sinners
C) Revealing In It's Scope
II. Doctrines Written For Directions
A) Guilt Is Not Measured By Number Of Sins
B) Guilt Is Not Measured By Names Of Sins
C) Guilt Is Measured By the Nature Of Sin
III. Doctrines Written For Deliverance
A) Delivered By Faith
B) Delivered From Favoritism
C) Delivered To Freedom

Any devoted student of the Epistle of James should encounter no obstacles, when it comes to recognizing the progression of intensity and direct application that transpires from verse one to verse eight. The preacher has made it crystal clear that there is to be no favoritism displayed by the saints in the house of God. He has cautioned and corrected these church members, that they should not discriminate because of color, creed or cloak. In verse five, he used an attention grabbing word "Hearken", and knocked on the door of the guilty parties. In our last study, we saw James pointing the finger of accusation at the guilty ones. As we begin this study, we find Pastor James nailing down the carpet and further defining how great this sin of partiality and favoritism really is. He introduces the fact of universal guilt and then informs these members that there will also be a universal judgment. He will also draw the line between what is said and what is done, by proclaiming that either or both are sins against a holy God. It appears that James is now bringing all this to a point where these church members will either correct themselves or be corrected by the Lord. With these truths firmly planted in our hearts, we further glean from:

I. Doctrines Written By Deity (verses 8 - 9a)

A) Royal In It's Source ("if ye fulfill the royal law according to the scripture") ...

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