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The Epistle of Paul The Apostle to The Corinthians (1 of 28)
Series: The Epistle of 1 Corinthians
Harley Howard

I. Background of the city of Corinth

The city of Corinth was 45 miles from Athens Greece and considered by many to be the gateway of the Peloponnesus. It was a harbor city and shipping from Italy, Sicily, Spain, Asia Minor, Syria, Phoenicia and Egypt made Corinth a thriving trade center. It was considered to be prosperous, and rich, great and wealthy. During the Roman period and in its position as a political center, Corinth again became prosperous, with vast income coming from its sea trade and from the development of its arts and industries. Its pottery and Corinthian brass (a mixture of gold, silver, and copper) were world famous. The city boasted also of it's philosophies and human wisdom.

The Corinthians were deeply into sports with its famous isthmian games.

The Isthmian games were held at Corinth in the spring of the first and third years of the 4 years of the Olympiad, and they honored Palaemon as well as Poseidon, which were Greek gods or idols.

The contests were generally like the Olympic games, but they were conducted on a smaller scale; the many added amusements and the convenient journey from Athens made the isthmian games popular. The victor's prize was a crown of wild celery, but after Corinth was destroyed (146 B.C.) by the Romans and restored (44 B.C.) by Julius Caesar, the isthmian games were reestablished for a time with a crown of fir as the victor's prize.

However, Corinth had it's evil side as well for oftentimes with prosperity comes vice and evil. One of the greatest vices, if not the greatest, was the city wholly given over to sexual immorality. The worship of the goddess Aphrodite, who, in Greek religion and mythology, was the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, as well as, the goddess of love, marriage, and family life included intercourse as part of its worship. You have to also keep in mind th ...

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