by Harley Howard

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The Liberty of Love (17 of 28)
Series: The Epistle of 1 Corinthians
Harley Howard
1 Corinthians 8:1-13

There is nothing more blessed than a church where the people are dedicated to loving one another. Not loving so much in word but in action. This expresses the very heart and mind of God in and among His redeemed people. It is that which is so attractive to mankind in a world where very little of it is seen. Love is to be one of the great characteristics of the local church and it will be so long as God's people individually are more concerned about the other brother or sister's needs rather than their own, which can only happen when we are walking in God's Spirit.

One of the great criticisms leveled against the church is that love is lacking to some degree. Even though much criticism that is leveled against the church has no merit at all, some criticism needs to be examined. This happens to be one such criticism that has in it some truth. The church for some time has adopted the habits and the attitudes of the culture around them, seen in selfishness and unconcern that refuses to minister to another's need, if it happens to cause me to have to give something of myself or of my possessions.

When I am presented with the needs of others, am I only interested if it does not cost me anything or remove me from my comfortable state of mind and body? If meeting the needs of other people means that I may have to give up a particular liberty that I have exercised because of my so-called freedom in Christ, will I stop it that I may win over and help a brother or sister?

These are questions that we all need to face and to look at honestly and objectively in our dealings with one another.

This study is about the matter of Christian liberties. We as believers are free in Christ to do anything that is not scripturally sinful. However, our liberties can cause others to sin if they are not aware of our freedom in Christ. We need to be very careful that w ...

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