by Dan Hill

Unload Before You Overload
Series: Fresh Start in the Family
Dan Hill
Job 3:26

A few years ago a friend of mine opened his computer one morning and found that someone had sent him an email with the subject line "Love Letter." Being the romantic type that he was, he opened the email message and instantly, 3300 files on his computer were infected and started sending the same message to everyone in his address book. He found out later, as did lots of people, that his computer had been infected with the fastest computer virus in history. That virus went from Asia to Europe and then to America in four hours. It shut down Britain's Parliament and the United States House of Representatives and scores of major corporations across the world. It replicated itself so quickly that systems went on overload and as a result - they all crashed.

You're probably asking, "Okay, but what does that have to do with me or my family?"

I know lots and lots of people and families that are overloaded and on the verge of crashing. An article in U.S. News and World Report said, "The price of prosperity is working harder than ever. Americans thrive on crazy hours, fast food, and high energy." My question is simple: Are we really thriving?

Think about this:
1. People now sleep, on the average 2 ½ fewer hours than they did a hundred years ago.
2. The average work week in America is almost 60 hours.
3. The average office worker has 36 hours of work piled up on his/her desk and takes them an average of 3 hours per week just to sort through it and find what they need.
4. We will spend two years of our lives playing phone tag with people who are busy or who are not answering.
5. We will spend five years of our lives waiting for people who are trying to do too much and are late for meetings.

Fact is we are a piled on, stressed out, stretched to the limit society! We are chronically rushed, chronically late, and chronically exhausted! A lot of us can relate to what Job says in J ...

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