by James Merritt

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What Really Matters (4 of 4)
Series: See Jonah Run
James Merritt
Jonah 4


1. A little girl came home one day from school so excited, because she had just learned the story of ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'' She couldn't wait to tell the story to her mother. When she got down to the part where the prince kisses Snow White and Snow White awakens from that deep sleep, the little girl said, ''Mother, do you know what happened then?'' The mother said, ''Of course. They lived happily ever after.'' The little girl said, ''Oh no! They got married.''

2. We all wish that every story had a happy ending, but they don't. I wish the story of Jonah had ended with the third chapter, because if you remember, in the third chapter, God calls Jonah the second time to go and preach to a wicked city called ''Ninevah''. Jonah obeys that call.

3. When Jonah obeys and preaches God's message, God moves on the hearts of the people. When God moves on the hearts of the people, blessings come in the form of an entire city turning to God. Jonah got to be a part of the greatest revival that is found in the Bible and history.

4. If the story had just stopped, right there, everybody wins - an entire city is spared from destruction, Jonah wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and God is glorified through the obedience of a prophet and the salvation of a city.

5. Beginning in Chapter 4 we read this one word that caused Jonah so much grief and so much heartache and cost him so much peace and so much happiness. It is the very first word of Chapter 4 - ''But''. We know enough about Mr. Jonah to know that word is not good. It is a sad ending to what should have been a sweet story, but it teaches us one of the greatest lessons we will ever learn about God and about ourselves and that is What Really Matters.

6. Here is what we are going to learn from this last chapter which really is the lesson of the entire book. Key Take Away: What really matters to God is people.

7. J ...

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