by Wayne Hinson

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A Scene Of Fashioning (1 of 3)
Series: Moses, The Man For God's Plan
Wayne Hinson
Exodus Chapter 2


I. Fashioned By The Providence Of God's Safety
A) The Place Of Providence
1. Manipulation
2. Multiplication
3. Murder
B) The Point Of Providence
C) The Person Of Providence
II. Fashioned By The People In Goshen Society
A) The Allegiance Of The Midwifes
B) The Actions Of A Mother
C) The Adoption By A Maiden
III. Fashioned As A Portrait Of God's Salvation
A) The Rule That Said He Must Die
B) The Redemption That Stated He Must Be Delivered
C) The Realm That Stated He Must Be Designated

Scripture tells us that Enoch and Noah "walked with God". Now that is a high plateau for any man to attain. Scripture also informs us in Deuteronomy 34:10 "and there arose not a prophet since in Israel, like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face". Other than our Lord Jesus Christ, there has never been a greater prophet than Moses. In his later years, Moses pastored a church of two million people, who many time, acted like spoiled children. He received the ten commandments, which established the law of God for the nation of Israel, until Christ fulfilled the law in the New Testament. Moses was the author of six books in the Old Testament, and this accomplishment alone makes us wonder where he got the time to achieve this task. The story of his life, from conception to death, is told in it's entirety in the Bible. What a servant of God, leader of God's people and a mighty prophet, this man Moses was. In this first study, we will zero in on the foundations that were laid in the infancy of Moses. There is no greater portrait of God's hand of planning and providence. God's hand moved with pinpoint accuracy, and precise timing to set the foundational stage for this man Moses. God had a plan for Moses, but the roots of this man had to be established long before he knew anything of God's will for his life. Th ...

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