by Wayne Hinson

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Moses, A Sketch Of Furtherance (2 of 3)
Series: Moses, The Man For God's Plan
Wayne Hinson
Exodus 2: 10-25


I. We See God's System Of Testing
A) A Lofty Position
B) A Loaded Prosperity
C) A Loud Popularity
II. We See God's Season For Trials
A) Moses Put Matters Into His Own Hands
B) Moses Put Murder Into His Own Heart
C) Moses Put Moses Into His Own Honor
III. We See God's School Of Teaching
A) Tending The Flock 101
B) Taking A Family 101
C) Taming The Flesh 101

Previously, we saw the providence of God in the safety that was provided for Moses, now we will see that same providence in the schooling that God provides. His school of preparation is like no other, but is highly sufficient to prepare a man for God's plan and purpose in his life.

Illustration: While serving as pastor of a previous church, I had a young preacher boy sitting under me. I wanted to give him a book that had been a source of inspiration for me, and I always write a personal note in the front of the book. On this occasion, I felt impressed to write these words, "Never underestimate the "WHO'S" that God chooses to pass through your life, and never miss the WHY'S of the purpose for which God placed them there".

In God's divine scheme of things, He purposes and permits many situations to occur in our lives. Rarely do we see the purpose at the time it is occurring , but rather we see it only when we look back upon it. The Lord had a work for this appointed man to accomplish. He was the chosen person for the task, but as we will see, just being the right person is not enough. There is also the right place and the right time. Moses only had one our three correct in the scene which we will look at, and we desperately need to glean from the mistakes that he made. With these truths firmly placed in our hearts, we continue to see:

I. God's System Of Testing
Scripture is very clear in the fact that God does aim testings toward our ...

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