by Glenn Mollette

Everybody Wants To Be Okay
Dr. Glenn W. Mollette

We want to be okay physically. Health.
We want our ears to work, our eyes, our legs, our lungs, our heart…etc.
When one part doesn't work, we miss its effectiveness.
We don't appreciate our legs until we lose one or our vision until we can no longer see.
We take for granted our health. How is your health today?
It's important to take care of our health. We should eat better, eat more moderately and exercise.
How is your health?
If you have good health then give praise to G1 Corinthians 12 says every member of the body is important.
You may or may not have perfect health. Use whatever health you have. Don't quit because your health if off a bit. I have an old 1998 van. It looks like it has cancer but it still runs okay. There is still run for some mileage.
Most bodies still have room for more mileage. Don't send yourself to the junk pile because you have a few miles on your body because we all do. Utilize yourself to the fullest.
We have at least one 92 year old student at Newburgh Theological Seminary. He is completing a degree and preaching. We have a number of students in their eighties. Most of our students are from 35 to 75 but we have many from 75 to 90. You see it's possible to retread and get some more mileage.
We want to be okay financially. Nobody I know enjoys being financially broke.
All over this country there are people who are losing their houses. That's tough to pay a big payment for a few years and then lose your house. People have lost their jobs and can't keep their houses. It's not fun when you can't go to the grocery store. Or, the utility company calls and says we have to disconnect your electricity. That is the pits.
I've gone to school and my allotment for the week only allowed White Castle Hamburgers. That was the most inexpensive meal I could find and some weeks almost every day of the week I had just enough money for White Castle. For a dollar I could fill up. ...

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