by Fred Lowery

The Story of Naaman
Dr. Fred Lowery
2 Kings 5:1-15; John 14:6; Luke 4:27-28
May 22, 2011

What happens when what you are counting on to get to heaven doesn't count? You don't go to heaven. In fact you go to hell. So it's important to know that what we count on is what can be counted on. Our story is about Naaman. A fascinating character in the Old Testament and it's one of the great life change stories in the Bible because his life was literally changed. A four star general I guess in our terminology and this general actually repents and humbles himself before God and makes a public proclamation of his belief in the one true God and that's a miracle within itself. The setting is in Syria. Syria if you watched the news at all this week I can guarantee you, you heard Syria. Over there the government is killing its own people because they are trying a grass roots movement to have a form of freedom or something like democracy and so they are killing their own people. So the Bible is as up to date as the newspaper because these are actually places. Naaman has position; he is the number two man in Syria. He is the commander of one of the largest armies in the world. He had prestige, he was a war hero. As far as we know Naaman ever lost a battle. Not any indication that he ever lost a battle. But more than just a military general this guy was the king's right hand man, the one that the king turned to, day after day. So Naaman is courageous. He is committed. He is calm under fire. He can be trusted. He is a respected military general. He is a successful military general. He had it all. He had power and prestige and perks to go along with it. But he had a huge problem. Now, this is not in the Bible, this is my sanctified imagination, when he is at a party because when you get to his level you have these parties like they do in Washington, almost every night. So he's at this party and everything is cool and all of sudden he looks down and he see ...

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