by Wayne Hinson

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Hysteria Was Banished On The Gadera Road (2 of 2)
Series: Roadways Of Revelation
Wayne Hinson
Mark Chapter 5 & Luke Chapter 8


I. A Wild Man Had To Be Tamed
A) Could Not Be Chained
B) Could Not Be Controlled
C) Could Not Be Calmed
D) Could Not Be Clothed
II. A Willing Master That Had The Time
A) To Deal With The Demonstration
B) To Deal With The Demons
1. The Number Of Them
2. The Nature Of Them
3. The Need Of Them
C) To Deal With The Disagreement
III. A Working Miracle That Had The Traces
A) Trace Of The Grace Touch
1. Calm
2. Clothed
3. Comprehending
B) Trace Of The Grateful Thoughts
C) Trace Of The Great Things

Mental illness is a rapidly growing concern in our present day society. As Chr8istians, we need to exercise an extreme of care and discernment when we deal with and classify those that have mental problems. One fact is certain and that is that there are more causes of mental problems than demon possession or influence. The man in our text is an example of a problem that still exists today. The rampage of sin and the current depth of depravity is still producing a segment of society that is very vulnerable to demon possession. This will explain the vast increase in the use of mind altering drugs. As we survey these verses, may we glean and gather from the wonderful change that occurred in this demoniac's life, when salvation entered into the space that demons had lived and controlled. As hysteria was banished on the Gadera road, we further see:

I. A Wild Man Had To Be Tamed

A) He Could Not Be Chained (verse 3 "no man could bind him")
Many times we have the tendency to underrate the supernatural power of demons. Certainly when compared to the power of God, their power is no match. However, on the other hand, when we compare the power of demons to our human power, then we are no match. The thousands of demons that possessed this man were displaying a strength that is beyond hum ...

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