by Harley Howard

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Genesis Chapter 6 (6 of 47)
Series: The Study of The Word Of God
Harley Howard

The first eleven chapters of Genesis are probably some of the most controversial and yet simple chapters in the scriptures. Although much is not explained the first eleven chapters give us in simple form the creation of the universe, with Earth emphasized. Also we see the creation of man, his sin, and his redemption.

We have seen also man's depravity and we will see the judgement of God upon every living creature upon the entire Earth for the sinfulness of mankind.

Also we will see Noah, a man who walked with God, and a man whom God found grace in, recreating, as it were, through His loins, mankind again.

This is a simple outline of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Although we should study and attempt to find out as much as we can about the creation story, it is obvious that much conjecture has been added; much of it attempting to disprove the Genesis account by those who do not believe in the miracle power of God.

The simplicity of the statement God created the Heavens and the Earth speaks of its finality. There's no big bang, no evolution, just God. The author does not attempt to prove God did it, he just stated the fact that God did it and that should be enough for the believer.

The creation story does not exist because I can prove it, it exist because the scriptures say that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Also we will attempt to deal somewhat with identifying the Sons of God in this sixth chapter, admittedly one of the most difficult passages to deal with and really one which we cannot be dogmatic about. We can express what we think it means, but good men disagree and the views are many, but most believing what we have here is the line of Seth, and the daughters of man being the line of Cain. Although that is not mentioned at all in the text, there are many who believe that.

Noah, like Enoch, was also a man who walked with ...

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