by Harley Howard

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Genesis Chapter 45 (42 of 47)
Series: The Study of The Word Of God
Harley Howard

Joseph, an innocent man, was sold into slavery more than 13 years ago. God was with Joseph and caused Potiphar to use him as a steward of the affairs of his house. But Mrs. Potiphar wanted to commit adultery with him and Joseph ran. While he ran, he left his coat in her grasp and she called out to the men that she had been raped. When Potiphar came home and heard the news, he was outraged and put Joseph into prison for a crime that he did not commit. But God was with Joseph and used him, even in irons. God gave him favor with the prison guard and while in prison, he met two men, one a cupbearer and a baker. These were the chief of their trade for the Pharaoh of Egypt and for some unexplained reason, they made the king highly displeased. They both had dreams that troubled them and the Lord interpreted the dreams through Joseph, and they came to pass just as Joseph said they would. The cupbearer was restored to his position while the baker was killed. Joseph's request to the cupbearer was that when he was restored, that he would remember him before Pharaoh and tell him that he was innocent in the prison. The cupbearer did not remember Joseph, and Joseph spent two years in the prison. Then the Pharaoh had a dream that was in two parts, and the dreams troubled him. He tried to find the interpretations through his own methods, but to no avail, the dream would not be interpreted. Then suddenly the cupbearer remembered Joseph and told the Pharaoh that Joseph could interpret dreams. The Pharaoh called for Joseph, and again the Lord interpreted his dream through Joseph and Joseph instructed Pharaoh that the dreams warned of times of plenty and times of coming famine. Joseph gave the Pharaoh a plan that he should hire a man with wisdom who would be able to lead in the gathering of the grain during the time of plenty and the distribution of it during the time of famine. Ph ...

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