by Fred Lowery

The People God Uses
Dr. Fred Lowery
Judges 2:14-15; Judges 6:13; Judges 6:10; 1 Corinthians 1:26-29; Judges 6:16; Judges 6:17-18; Judges 7:17-18
May 15, 2011

I think most of us in this room have deep within us a desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That's what Mark was saying. The possibility of being a part of something that transcends this life but here is the kicker most people will never do that. Most people will never know what it is like to so trust God that you get into those situations that require incredible faith that you step out and trust God and you see God supernaturally work in your life. There is nothing like that. So the question I think you would be asking now is how do I know how to do that. I want something supernatural to happen in my life I want to be able to hear God's voice. I want to be a part of something bigger than me. But how do I know how to do that. Good news, God wrote a book and in that book He not only tells you how to be a part of something that transcends life itself. How you can literally experience supernatural power in your life but He gives us story after story after story so that we can watch ordinary people just like you and me and we can see how God works in their lives and know that if God works in those people's lives, ordinary people to do extraordinary things He will do it in your life. He will do it in mine. So our setting today is the Promised Land. The whole wilderness experience where God worked miracle after miracle after miracle and now the people are in the Promised Land and they are settled and these should be the bright days of victory in the life of Israel. But instead they are the dark days of defeat. A lot of people right now are living in days of defeat when they could be living in days of victory. So we find Israel remember they were told by God, when you go into the Promised Land wipe it out, wipe it clean because if not you are going to be influenced by the pagans ...

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