by Harley Howard

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Proverbs Chapter 2 (3 of 32)
Series: The Book of Proverbs
Harley Howard

Wisdom's Want -How seriously do you want God's wisdom?

1 My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;

Once again, I am stuck with the simplicity that the word of God reveals as to the simplicity of the text. Though many, many passages are hidden from the eyes of God's people, many more are as clear as purified water! Here we will see in the first four verses that there needs to be a great desire to understand the knowledge of God. Solomon clearly taught his son that there must be a great desire for the wisdom and knowledge of God before one is to possess them. Also once again he instructed his son of the importance of receiving his words. Keep in mind that no man possessed the kind of wisdom which Solomon had, so it was wise for his son to listen to him and his mother. Let's see just how seriously we who "say" or "claim" that we want God wisdom, really want it. Let's look at the process of obtaining both God's wisdom and the knowledge of God in a series of steps.

1. Listen to a man of wisdom. It astonishes me today how few people lack sense in this area. They will listen to fools at the drop of a hat, but will not align themselves with people of wisdom. Solomon possessed more wisdom that any man who ever lived, save our Lord. Obviously, if his children wanted to know wisdom, all they needed to do was to go to him! Why is it that so many professing believers go to people who possess not one scintilla of God wisdom astounds me? What's even worse is that they find a man or woman who does possess God's wisdom and then try to justify their foolishness to that person of wisdom, so as to try and find reason to do what their own heart wanted to do in the first place. You don't find wisdom to criticize wisdom, but many do just that. So why bother with the claim of wanting God's wisdom when after you are brought into the presence of it, you cri ...

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