by Rex Yancey

Exhortations for Graduates
Rex Yancey
Ephesians 6:10-17

The husband was getting ready to leave the house for work. His wife asked him did he know what day it was. He said, ''Sure I do!'' He came home that evening with a bouquet of flowers, and some jewelry and gave them to his wife. ''She said, ''Thank you dear. This is the best Groundhogs Day I have ever had!''

We know what day this is. Congratulations Graduates! You have reached a milestone in your life. You and your parents, and teachers, and administrators are to be congratulated. Your spiritual advisors are also to be commended.

The apostle Paul closed the book of Ephesians with some exhortations for the members there. I will use this text as a springboard to challenge you and everyone here as you go out into the world.

I want to challenge you with these thoughts today.

Paul was evidently a Baptist preacher. He said ''Finally, my brethren...'' in the KJV.'' Then he proceeded to challenge them.


''Be strong in the Lord...'' That is some astonishing words to people who are referred to sheep in the New Testament. Sheep are weak, helpless, and have no sense of direction. The key to this phrase is ''in the Lord.''

-The Bible says ''We are MORE than conquerors through Him.'' That means we are super conquerors.
-We need strength as Christians because the ODDS are against us. The odds were again David when he went against Goliath. However, David's attitude was ''That man is too BIG to miss!
-I love that story in the Old Testament where the people are God are like a little herd of goats compared to their enemies. However, they found out that a little herd plus God is adequate in any battle.
-Seniors of 2011, there is a cause worth fighting for. The cause is the souls of men. The cause is a meaningful and fulfilling life. The cause is time is fleeting. The cause is that we only have one life to live. The cause is that eternity is coming. The cause is that we will all s ...

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