by Harley Howard

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I Timothy Chapter 5 (6 of 7)
Series: The Epistle of I Timothy
Harley Howard

Paul continued to instruct Timothy concerning his duties toward the church family. The Scriptures teach that the church is the body of Christ, but the church is also a family. It is a family that is unlike any earthly relationship - one that should exceed the relationship of an earthly family because of the supernatural unity that God's Holy Spirit produces as He unites men and women from all over the world into one church body - an unique church family.

Unfortunately, much of the early church's fervor and tremendous unity they experienced are just about gone, as far as today's church is concerned. People can't wait for the sermon to get over with so that they can be the first to make a beeline to the exit, never ministering to anyone, never greeting anyone, never speaking to anyone except for an occasional grunt, which is suppose to be a greeting. Apostasy has affected the church; gimmickry has set in and made its home in the church. False teachers disguised as evangelical leaders tell us that we need to keep going outside the Lord and the church to find spiritual fulfillment and maturity, when all of what is needed is found in a relationship to God and with the church family. God has established the church as a vital part of the growth and maturity process. Any teaching that would violate that principle is a doctrine from demons. Love is to be found in the church family; ministry is to be found in the church family; friendship is to be found in the church family, and yes, even fathers, brothers, mothers, and sisters are to be found in the church family. And let me give a warning at this juncture: oftentimes we use earthly illustrations to describe the church family. I believe that such illustrations all fall far short of the kind of relationships that God has wrought in the church family.

1 Rebuke not an elder, but intreat [him] as a father; [and] the younger men ...

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