by Wayne Hinson

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The Sovereign's Gifts That Furnished Mankind In Paradise (1 0f 2)
Series: Killing Me Softly
Wayne Hinson
Genesis Chapter 2


I. Gifts That Were Unique
A) A Promise
B) A Partner
1. Absolute To Adam
2. Attractive To Adam
3. Agreeable To Adam
C) A Purpose
II. Gifts That Were Unifying
A) A Provision
1. The Home Where They Lived
2. The Harmony In Which They Loved
3. The Holiness In Which They Were Led
B) A Plan
1. One Wife
2. One Way
3. One World

Even though I possess no singing talent, I have always enjoyed listening to songs. Talent or not, I can discern when a song is sung correctly. Songs have been a positive influence on my sermon writing as well. Recently, while studying this portion of scripture, I kept coming up with zeroes as far as a title for the these messages was concerned.. I decided to take a break, drink a cup of coffee, and maybe when I come back to the desk, the thoughts would flow better. As I stood in the kitchen, the lyrics of a song that I had not heard in at least 25 years, came to my mind, and I began to sing the lyrics to myself. That song was "killing me softly" and the words seem to fit this series perfectly. This is exactly what Satan did to Eve, killing her softly with his words. The soft words of the seducer cost Eve and then Adam, their paradise. The old saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me", is not true. Words can and do hurt, and in the case at hand, it was those hissing words of the serpent that cost man. That short conversation of soft words spoken in the only true paradise that ever existed on this earth, had a tremendous eternal price tag to it. As we glean the truth in these passages, may we become freshly aware of just how great a price Adam and Eve paid for such a short conversation.

I. Gifts That Were Unique
I suppose that we have never given a great deal of thought, as to all that man had furnished for him in par ...

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