by Wayne Hinson

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The Serpent's Graft That Fooled Mankind In Paradise (2 of 2)
Series: Killing Me Softly
Wayne Hinson
Genesis Chapter 3


I. The Sound Of Satan's Entry
A) He Killed Her Smoothly With His Words
1. Satan Enchanted Eve
2. Satan Emptied Eve
3. Satan Enticed Eve
B) He Killed Her Softly With His Ways
1. The Fact That Eve Listened
2. The Fact That Eve Lusted
3. The Fact That Eve Looked
C) He Killed Her Swiftly With His Wiles
1. Disobedience
2. Desire
3. Decision
II. The Shock Of Sin's Entanglement
A) A Downward Spiral Of Depravity
B) An Outward Spiral Of Distance
C) An Inward Spiral Of Demand

Just as great as was the Sovereign's gifts that furnished mankind in paradise, in a positive way, was Satan's graft that fooled mankind in paradise, in a negative way. Satan is the great imitator, and when he choose to imitate the things of God, man usually is fooled by his cunning trickery. The Bible describes him as being subtle and crafty, and we see both of those characteristics displayed in his devilish display in Genesis chapter 3. Satan's power is certainly not equal to God's, but is none the less, vastly more powerful that what most would think. Man was perfectly satisfied and secure in God's custom made paradise, until Satan came along with his master plan of lies and misquotes. He has not changed since that day over 6000 years ago. In this message, may we allow the Holy Ghost to instill upon our minds and hearts, that the trickery of Satan is very much alive today, and that we are just as susceptible, if we allow ourselves, as Eve was then.

I. The Sound Of Satan's Entry

A) He Killed Her Smoothly With His Words

1. Satan Enchanted Eve (verse 1)
"Serpent" is defined as "a snake which has a hiss". The Hebrew root word from which our word serpent is taken from, means "to whisper a spell". Both these definitions present a sobering similarity to hypnotism and even a trance. Eve had never heard th ...

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